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New Changes in the Harbor

NEW CHANGES IN THE HARBOR THE CITY HAS HIRED A NEW HARBORMASTER, PAUL BLANK. WHAT CHANGES DOES HE CONTEMPLATE IN THE HARBOR? On May 3, 2021 the City of Newport Beach appointed a new Harbormaster. Come hear Paul Blank, after serving his first summer as Harbormaster, give a state of the harbor including new changes…
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The Future of Dredging Newport Harbor

The Future of Dredging Newport Harbor Dredging Newport Harbor is a top priority for the City. Certain dredged material cannot be disposed of as traditionally is done and is being proposed to be buried in the harbor bottom. Is this a dangerous or a logical and safe method to deal with this dredged material? What…
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Come Meet the new Harbor Master

Come Meet the new Harbor Master Newport Beach has a new Harbor Master - Dennis Durgan The Newport Beach Harbormaster is a division of the City’s Public Works department. The Harbormaster’s office is responsible for management of 1,200+ moorings in the harbor, as well as the rental slips and moorings at Marina Park. He and…
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