The SUN Board will elect the 2018 Board of Directors at the October Board Meeting and we want to know who you think would make a good board member?

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2017 SUN Board of Directors

  • Richard Luehrs, President
  • Debra Allen, Vice President
  • Caroline Logan, Secretary
  • Marie Marston, Treasurer

Jeff Brouwer, Janis Dinwiddie, Diane Dixon, Paula Godfrey, Robyn Grant, Kathy Harrison, Evelyn Hart, Rush Hill, Jeff Boyles, Edward Selich, Joe Stapleton, Kay Walker, Rhonda Watkins

Honorary Directors

Jan Debay, Dave Goff, Marilee Jackson, Carol McDermott, Mary Petropoulos, Val Skoro, Darryl R. Wold, Pat Zartler

Sustaining Members

Janis Dinwide, Joe Stapleton, Richard Luehrs, David Sean, Jeff Boyles, Scott Cunningham, Sebastian Moshayedi, Clifton Jones, James Parker, Phillip Greer, Arlene Greer, Debra Allen, Robyn Grant,
Kathleen P. Harrison, Rush Hill, John & Lori Petry, Paul Blank, Don Krotee, Dennis Baker, Scott Barr, Edward Selich, Catherine Kennedy, Patricia Moore, Mary Petropoulos, Tod Ridgeway, Kathy Leek,
Diane B. Dixon, Carol McDermott, Jim Roberts, Michael Toerge, David Goff, Marilee Jackson, Michael and Kim Henn